Manchurian Ash - Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.

The Manchurian ash is a large deciduous tree. It is dioecious and occurs in eastern Asia (China, Japan and east Russia). Below are some photos from a tree in Göteborg Botanical Garden (Sweden). © by Eva Wallander. [Description from Flora of China]

Info about F. mandshurica from a Japanese site.

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Fraxinus mandshurica tree 35.8KB
Tree, 2 July 1997.
Fraxinus mandshurica foliage48.8KB
Foliage, 8 July 1997.
Fraxinus mandshurica foliage 62.9KB
Foliage, 8 July 1997.
Fraxinus mandshurica inflorescence 23.5KB
Pistillate inflorescences, 15 May 1997.
Fraxinus mandshurica inflorescences 58.6KB
Old female inflorescenses and expanding leaves, 9 May 2000.
Fraxinus mandshurica flower closeup 54.0KB
Close-up on the female flowers (note rudimentary stamens), 8 May 2000.

Fraxinus mandshurica flowers from Tsukuba Botanical Garden (Japan)

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