Fraxinus platypoda Oliver

This ash occurs in China and Japan (synonym F. spaethiana Lingelsh.) and is recognised by swollen leaf petiole bases.

Photos © by Eva Wallander.

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Fraxinus platypoda, Kyoto Botanical Garden, 3 May 1999. Fraxinus platypoda, RBG Kew, 2 Sept. 2000.
Fraxinus platypoda 57.7KB
Old female inflorescences, leaves expanding.
Fraxinus platypoda 57.4KB
Note swollen petiole bases.

Fraxinus spaethiana, Chichibu mountains, Japan, 7 May 1999.
Fraxinus spaethiana 64.2KB
Large flowering tree.
Fraxinus spaethiana 47.0KB
Young leafing branch.
Fraxinus spaethiana 59.3KB
Leafing branch with old female flowers.
Fraxinus spaethiana 57.7KB
Expanded leaves.
Fraxinus spaethiana 52.4KB
Expanded leaves.

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