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Abeliophyllum Nakai

Protologue: Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 33: 153 (1919)

Type species: Abeliophyllum distichum Nakai

Synonyms: none

Distribution: Korea

Number of species: 1

Description (from the Europaean Garden Flora): Deciduous shrubs to 2 m. Young stems slightly 4-angled. Leaves opposite, simple, entire, ovate to broadly elliptic, 5-8.5 x 2-4 cm, base rounded to obtuse to tapering gradually, apex acuminate, with scattered hairs above and beneath; stalks 2-5 mm. Racemes axillary, 3- to 15-flowered; flowers bisexual, in opposite pairs. Calyx lobes 4, rounded, hairy on margins. Corolla white, sometimes tinged pink; lobes 4, strap-shaped, c. 1 cm x 2 mm, apex notched. Stamens not protuding. Fruit an almost circular winged samara, 2-2.5 cm wide.

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