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Haenianthus Grisebach

Protologue: Fl. Brit. W. Indian Isl.: 405 (1861)

Type species: Haenianthus incrassatus Griseb. (basionym: Chionanthus incrassata Sw.)

Synonyms: none

Distribution: C America (West Indies)

Number of species: 3

Description (from Grisebach 1861): Trees glabrous, but bearing scattered minute scales on the branches and foliage. Leaves simple, quite entire, petioled. Panicle terminal, trichotomous; pedicels ternate, thickish. Calyx 4-fid. Corolla 4-partite, segments subcylindrical-clavate, induplicative at the base. Anthers 2, ovoid, laterally dehiscent, subsessile within the corolla tube. Stigma thick, subsessile. Drupe 1-seeded by abortion, endocarp chartaceous. Albumen cartilaginous.

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