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Hesperelaea A. Gray

Protologue: Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts & Sci. 11: 83 (1876)

Type species: Hesperelaea palmeri A. Gray

Synonyms: none

Distribution: Mexico (endemic to Guadalupe Island, off Baja California, now presumed to be extinct)

Number of species: 1

Description (from Standley 1924): Small glabrous tree, leaves mostly opposite, oblong 5 cm long or more, entire, coriaceous; flowers perfect, yellow, in terminal panicle, the pedicels short, articualte; sepals 4, deciduous; petals 4, spatulate, about 12 mm long, clawed; stamens 4; fruit drupaceous.
(From Watson's (1875) list of plants collected on Guadalupe Island by Edward Palmer: A rather compact tree, 20-25 ft high; flowers lemon-color. Only three live trees were found, in a cañon on the east side; no young trees seen, but many dead ones.)


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