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Photos of Syringa L.

All photos from Göteborg Botanical Garden (Sweden), 31 May 2000. © by Eva Wallander.

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Syringa julianae 64.4KB
Syringa julianae
Syringa komarowii 59.6KB
Syringa komarowii
Syringa reflexa 56.4KB
Syringa x swegiflexa hybrid
Syringa reflexa 62.5KB
Syringa reflexa
Syringa reticulata 64.8KB
Syringa reticulata
Syringa tomentella 58.9KB
Syringa tomentella
Syringa yunnanensis 69.5KB
Syringa yunnanensis

Syringa vulgaris 61.1KB Syringa vulgaris 57.9KB Syringa vulgaris 59.6KB Syringa vulgaris 60.9KB Syringa vulgaris 53.4KB Syringa vulgaris 62.8KB
Syringa vulgaris, different color morphs.

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