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Picconia DC.

Protologue: Prodr. 8: 288 (1844)

Type species: Picconia excelsa (Aiton) DC. (basionym: Olea excelsa Aiton, Notelaea excelsa (Aiton) Webb & Berthel.)

Synonyms: Henslowia

Distribution: Macaronesia

Number of species: 2

Description (from Turland 1994): Like Olea but a larger-growing tree (-15 m), glabrous except for bracts; young twigs and undersides of leaves smooth, not scaly; leaves simple, coriaceous, shortly petiolate; inflorescence a short axillary raceme, initially bracteate, not scaly; calyx ± flat, with 4 triangular lobes, white; fruit (drupe) ripening through red to dark bluish violet, with bluish-pruinose surface.

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