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List of Eva Wallander's DNA extractions and samples of Oleaceae available for research

After I left plant research at Göteborg University in 2006, I donated all my tissue collections of Oleaceae and other taxa and DNA extracted from them to Dr. Richard Olmstead, University of Washington, Seattle. The Olmstead lab is conducting research on Lamiales and he has kindly agreed to make my samples available to other scientists working on Oleaceae or related taxa. Please contact him at olmstead@u.washington.edu to ask for samples.

All my plant collections which have tissue samples preserved in silica-gel are listed in this Excel file. The list also contains samples donated to me by others and leftover herbarium samples from DNA extraction, all of which are now kept by Dr. Olmstead. If you want a piece of any of these samples to extract DNA, please contact Dr. Olmstead.

Below are listed all my Oleaceae (139) and Verbenaceae (2) DNA extractions kept by Dr. Olmstead. For more details, see the Excel file.


Abeliophyllum distichum
Chionanthus axillaris
Chionanthus battiscombei
Chionanthus domingensis
Chionanthus filiformis
Chionanthus panamensis
Chionanthus pubescens
Chionanthus ramiflorus
Chionanthus retusus
Chionanthus sleumeri
Chionanthus virginicus
Comoranthus madagascariensis
Comoranthus minor
Dimetra craibiana
Fontanesia fortunei
Forestiera acuminata
Forestiera angustifolia
Forestiera cartaginensis
Forestiera corollata
Forestiera ecuadorensis
Forestiera eggersiana
Forestiera godfreyi
Forestiera isabeliae
Forestiera ligustrina
Forestiera phillyreoides
Forestiera pubescens
Forestiera reticulata
Forestiera rhamnifolia
Forestiera segregata
Forestiera segregata var. pinetorum
Forsythia suspensa
Forsythia viridissima
Forsythia x intermedia
Fraxinus americana
Fraxinus angustifolia
Fraxinus angustifolia ssp. angustifolia
Fraxinus angustifolia ssp. oxycarpa
Fraxinus angustifolia ssp. syriaca
Fraxinus anomala
Fraxinus apertisquamifera
Fraxinus baroniana
Fraxinus berlandieriana
Fraxinus bungeana
Fraxinus caroliniana
Fraxinus caroliniana var cubensis
Fraxinus chiisanensis
Fraxinus chinensis
Fraxinus chinensis ssp rhynchophylla
Fraxinus cuspidata
Fraxinus cuspidata var macropetala
Fraxinus dipetala
Fraxinus dubia
Fraxinus excelsior
Fraxinus excelsior var. diversifolia
Fraxinus floribunda
Fraxinus floribunda ssp. insularis
Fraxinus gooddingii
Fraxinus greggii
Fraxinus griffithii
Fraxinus griffithii var koshunensis
Fraxinus hubeiensis
Fraxinus japonica (see F. chinensis ssp rhynchophylla)
Fraxinus lanuginosa
Fraxinus latifolia
Fraxinus longicuspis
Fraxinus malacophylla
Fraxinus mandshurica
Fraxinus mandshurica var japonica
Fraxinus micrantha
Fraxinus nigra
Fraxinus ornus
Fraxinus papillosa
Fraxinus paxiana
Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Fraxinus platypoda
Fraxinus profunda
Fraxinus purpusii
Fraxinus quadrangulata
Fraxinus raibocarpa
Fraxinus rufescens
Fraxinus sieboldiana
Fraxinus spaethiana
Fraxinus texensis
Fraxinus trifoliolata
Fraxinus uhdei
Fraxinus velutina
Fraxinus xanthoxyloides
Haenianthus incrassatus
Hesperelaea palmeri
Jasminum humile
Jasminum mesnyi
Jasminum nitidum
Jasminum officinale
Ligustrum ovalifolium
Ligustrum sempervirens
Ligustrum sinense
Ligustrum tschonoskii
Ligustrum vulgare
Linociera giordani
Myxopyrum nervosum
Myxopyrum ovatum
Myxopyrum smilacifolium
Myxopyrum smilacifolium ssp. confertum
Nestegis cunninghamii
Nestegis lanceolata
Nestegis montana
Nestegis sandwicensis
Noronhia emarginata
Noronhia luteola
Noronhia seyrigii
Notelaea longifolia
Notelaea microcarpa
Notelaea punctata
Nyctanthes aculeata
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis
Olea brachiata
Olea capensis
Olea europaea
Olea lancea
Olea paniculata
Osmanthus americanus
Osmanthus austro-caledonicus
Osmanthus delavayi
Osmanthus didymopetalus
Osmanthus fragrans
Osmanthus heterophyllus
Osmanthus insularis
Osmanthus rigidus
Phillyrea angustifolia
Phillyrea latifolia
Picconia excelsa
Priogymnanthus apertus
Priogymnanthus hasslerianus
Schrebera alata
Schrebera mazoensis
Schrebera saundersiae
Syringa pekinensis
Syringa reticulata
Syringa vulgaris
Syringa yunnanensis


Lantana camara
Verbena officinalis

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