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Protologue: in Lamarck, Encycl. Suppl. 1: 132 (1810) and Suppl. 2: 664 (1812), nom. cons.

Type species: F. cassinoides (Willdenow) Poiret (basionym: Borya cassinoides Willdenow) => F. segregata (Jacq.) Krug & Urban

Synonyms: Adelia, Bigelovia, Borya, Carpoxis, Geisarina, Nudilus, Piptolepis

Distribution: America (SE & SW USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Caribbean)

Number of species: 15

Description (from Wilson & Wood, 1959): Deciduous or rarely evergreen shrubs; leaves opposite simple, entire or serrate, short-petioled. Plants dioecious or polygamo-dioecious. Inflorescences axillary on the branches of the preceeding year, the flowers clustered or in short racemes. Flowers apetalous, calyx minute, 4-parted or irregularly toothed, fugacious, or occasionally wanting. Staminate flowers mostly sessile, stamens 1-4, anthers oblong, 4-loculed, opening longitudinally, pistil wanting or rudimentary. Pistillate flowers on short, 1-3 flowered peduncles; abortative stamens 0-4; pistil with a slender style, the stigma simple or 2-lobed, the ovary with 2 pendulous ovules in each locule. Fruit a 1 (rarely 2)-seeded black or dark-blue drupe.

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