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Jasminum L.

Protologue: Sp. Pl.1: 7 (1753)

Type species: Jasminum officinale L.

Synonyms (links to GRIN): Jacksonia, Jasminium, Mogorium, Noldeanthus, Nyctanthes

Distribution: Africa, Asia, Australia, South Pacific Islands, one species in the Mediterranean region

Number of species: over 200

Description (from Flora of China): Trees or erect or scandent shrubs, evergreen or deciduous. Branchlets terete or angular and grooved. Leaves opposite or alternate, rarely whorled, simple, 3-foliolate, or odd-pinnate; petiole usually articulated. Inflorescences basically cymose, in panicles, racemes, corymbs, umbels, or heads; bracts subulate or linear, sometimes leafy. Flowers bisexual, usually heterostylous, usually fragrant. Calyx campanulate, cupular, or funnelform, 4-16-lobed. Corolla white or yellow, rarely red or purple, salverform or funnelform; lobes 4-16, imbricate in bud, sometimes doubled in cultivation. Stamens 2, included, inserted about middle of corolla tube; filaments short; anthers dorsifixed, introrse. Ovules 1 or 2 in each locule. Style filiform; stigma capitate or 2-lobed. Fruit a berry, didymous or one half aborted. Seeds without endosperm; radicle downward.

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