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Nestegis Rafinesque

Protologue: Sylva Tellur. 10 (1838)

Type species: Nestegis apetala (Vahl.) L. Johnson, in Degener, New Ill. Fl. Hawaiian Is. 300. (1958) (basionym: Olea apetala Vahl), Nestegis elliptica Rafinesque, nom. illeg.

Synonyms: Gymnelaea

Distribution: New Zealand and Hawaii (N. sandwicensis)

Number of species: 5

Description (from Wagner et al. 1990): Shrubs ot trees. Leaves simple, opposite, coriaceous, margins ± thickened, entire. Flowers perfect or unisexual (and then plants polygamous or dioecious), axillary, decussate, or in terminal panicles, bracts small and slender; calyx short, 4-toothed; corolla 4-lobed, the lobes imbricate in bud, elliptic, the tube short to long (N. sandwicensis, Hawaii), or corolla absent (New Zealand species); stamens 2 or 4, subsessile; ovary 2-celled, ovules 2 per cell; stigma 2-lobed. Drupes ellipsiod or globose. Seed 1.

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