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Priogymnanthus P. S. Green

Protologue: Kew Bull. 49(2): 280 (1994)

Type species: Priogymnanthus hasslerianus (Chodat) P. S. Green (basionym: Mayepea hassleriana Chod., Linociera hasslerianus (Chod.) Hassler)

Synonyms: none

Distribution: S America: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay

Number of species: 4

Description (from Green 1994): Trees, deciduous or semi-deciduous. Leaves opposite, simple, entire, exstipulate, more or less coriaces, without domatia below in the axils of the main veins and the midrib. Inflorescence a racemoid reduced dichasium, up to 11-flowered, shortly pedicellate, flowers and subtending bracts in opposite pairs, the rachis terminated by three flowers. Calyx absent. Corolla 4-lobed, lobes thin, slender, very early caducous. Stamens 4, alternating with the corolla lobes, filaments short, anthers oblong-elliptic, connective not developed into a terminal appendage. Pistil flask-shaped, ovary more or less ovoid, style slender, stigma clearly 2-lobed. Fruit a drupe, ellipsoid or more or less spherical.

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