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Hermaphrodite ash flowers (Fraxinus excelsior)

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Here you will find information gathered on the taxonomy and systematics of the plant family Oleaceae, especially the genus Fraxinus (ash trees), with images, descriptions, reference lists and information on the reproductive biology of some species.

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Fraxinus, the Ashes, is one of 24 extant genera in the Olive family, Oleaceae. The genus comprises 48 species, mostly trees, occurring in temperate and subtropical parts of the northern hemispere. There are both anemophilous (wind pollinated) and entomophilous (insect pollinated) species in this genus and a variety of breeding systems, such as hermaphroditism, androdioecy, dioecy and polygamy (PhD thesis).


  • Classification of Oleaceae, with links to information for all 26 genera, or
  • Phylogeny of Oleaceae based on molecular data
  • Selected references about Oleaceae (general papers and flora accounts). Online resources are below. References to the different genera of Oleaceae can be found on each genus page.
  • My images of some Oleaceae species

List of DNA samples and tissue collections of Oleaceae and other taxa available for research

Jasminum nudiflorum

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