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I am a Swedish botanist (born 1968) and I conducted my PhD research during 1995 - 2001 at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Göteborg University, Sweden. In December 2001, I presented my PhD thesis concerning the evolution of pollination and breeding systems in Fraxinus and other genera of the Oleaceae. Directly after that I got a full-time research position (postdoc) from January 2002 to June 2005 in the EU-funded project FRAXIGEN. When the project finished I had a baby and when I resumed working again I had a temporary part-time position as lecturer in botany at Göteborg University. In October 2006 I got a job as responsible manager of the national park, nature reserves and other protected areas at the County Administrative Board in Jönköping, Sweden. In August 2009 I got my second baby.

Although I don't work as a researcher anymore, in my spare time I still try to publish results from my previous research and review papers on Oleaceae. I also maintain this site with information on Fraxinus and Oleaceae and try to keep it updated. If you have any questions, spot any errors, or want to suggest things to add, you are welcome to contact me at this e-mail address.

After I left plant research I donated all my tissue collections of Oleaceae and other taxa and DNA extracted from them to Dr. Richard Olmstead. See list of DNA samples what is now available from the Olmstead lab.

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