White Ash - Fraxinus americana L.

The White ash (also called American ash) occurs in the eastern states of N America. It is dioecious and wind-pollinated. F. americana s.s. is diploid but there are tetraploids and hexaploids too: F. smallii and F. biltmoreana, respectively (Nesom 2010). The Biltmore ash (F. biltmoreana) is thought to be a hybrid between tetraploid F. smallii and diploid F. pennsylvanica. [More info and distribution map from Silvics of North America]

Leaves and fruits from a tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London, 2 September 2000.
Photo © by Eva Wallander.

Leaves and fruits from a tree in Missouri Botanical Garden, 31 July 1999.
Photo © by Eva Wallander.

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