Chinese Ash - Fraxinus chinensis Roxb. ssp. chinensis

The Chinese Ash occurs in China, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. F. japonica (Japan) and F. rhynchophylla (N China and Korea) is included in F. chinensis ssp. rhynchophylla (Korean ash). F. chinensis is related to F. longicuspis and like this species the flowers have no petals and are wind-pollinated. [Description from Flora of China]

NOTE: Fraxinus chinensis is often reported to be cultivated in the Andes and other places in South America. However, the ash species found in Central and South America (common name Urapan) is in fact Fraxinus uhdei. See Filgueira et al. 2004. Urapan (Fraxinus udhei) dieback a new disease associated with a phytoplasma in Colombia. New Disease Reports vol. 9.

All photos © by Eva Wallander.

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Fraxinus chinensis NYBG 74,8KB Fraxinus chinensis NYBG 69,3KB Fraxinus chinensis NYBG 64,8KB
All three photos from New York Botanical Garden, 1 Aug. 1998.
Fraxinus chinensis leaves 41,0KB
Missouri Botanical Garden, 25 June 1996.

All photos from Göteborg Botanical Garden.
Fraxinus chinensis tree 62,5KB  Fraxinus chinensis vegetative shoot 47,1KB
Small tree and vegetative shoot
Fraxinus chinensis leaves 63,5KB
Fraxinus chinensis vegetative and flowering shoot 67,8KB
Vegetative and flowering shoot
Fraxinus chinensis male inflorescence 67,8KB
Male inflorescence
Fraxinus chinensis male inflorescencse 61,0KB
Male inflorescences
Closeup of male flowers 60,3KB
Closeup of male flowers

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