Fraxinus japonica Blume ex K. Koch

This ash is endemic to Japan but is now included together with F. rhynchophylla in F. chinensis ssp. rhynchophylla. It is related to F. longicuspis and like them the flowers have no petals and are wind-pollinated.

Photos © by Eva Wallander.

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Fraxinus japonica male inflorescences 83.4KB
Male inflorescences, Kyoto Botanical Garden, 27 April 1999.
Fraxinus japonica hermaphrodite inflorescences 102.7KB
Hermaphrodite inflorescences, Göteborg Botanical Garden (Sweden), 9 May 1999.
Fraxinus japonica closeup 57.7KB
Close-up on hermaphrodite flowers, Göteborg Botanical Garden (Sweden), 19 May 1999..

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