Fraxinus lanuginosa Koidz.

This ash is endemic to Japan and there are two subspecies, ssp. lanuginosa and ssp. serrata (Nakai) Hara. It was recently shown to be androdioecious (Ishida & Hiura 1998). It's closely related to F. sieboldiana.

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Fraxinus lanuginosa vegetative shoot 43,7KB
Young vegetative shoot (note two pairs of bud scales). Japan, 8 May 1999.
Fraxinus lanuginosa tree 95,9KB
Flowering tree in Göteborg Botanical Garden, 7 June 1997.
Fraxinus lanuginosa male inflorescence 62,2KB
Male inflorescence, Göteborg Botanical Garden 16 May 2000.
Fraxinus lanuginosa male inflorescences 137,4KB
Male inflorescences, Göteborg Botanical Garden 13 May 2000.
Fraxinus lanuginosa hermaphrodite and male flowers 66,6KB
Hermaphrodite and male flowers, Göteborg Botanical Garden, 19 May 2000.

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