Chinese flowering ash - Fraxinus sieboldiana Blume

The Chinese flowering ash is a small tree that occurs in China, Japan, and Korea. A common synonym is F. mariesii. It is closely related to F. lanuginosa and also androdioecious. [Description from Flora of China]

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Fraxinus sieboldiana buds 48.8KB
Terminal leaf bud with unfolding leaves (note three pairs of bud scales), Chichibu mountains, Japan, 8 May 1999.
Fraxinus sieboldiana hermaphrodite tree 145.1KB
Hermaphrodite tree, Chichibu mountains, Japan, 7 May 1999.
Fraxinus sieboldiana hermaphrodite inflorescence 120.5KB
Hermaphrodite inflorescence, Osaka, Japan, 22 April 1999.
Fraxinus sieboldiana leaves 38.7KB
Leaves, Göteborg Botanical Garden (Sweden), 2 July 1997.
Fraxinus sieboldiana fruits 62.9KB
Fruits and leaves, Royal Botanic Gradens at Kew, London, 2 September 2000.

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